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Why Latvia?

Freedom of movement: freedom of movement, residence, work, studies throughout the European Union in a visa free regime (within the Schengen agreement countries).

Speed and convenience of processing: working with us a Customer will need to visit Riga for only a day to submit all necessary documents to apply for a temporary residential permit. We can take care of a purchasing itself at a distance by proxy.

Geographical location: Location of Latvia is very beneficial and even profitable, bordering with the CIS countries and the Western Europe. The Baltic Sea provides direct access to the Scandinavian countries. A flight from Riga, for example, to Moscow, Kiev or Berlin will not take slightly more than one hour and a half. In the event If your immediate presence is needed in one or another part of Europe, you can get there within 24 hours.

A possibility of owning a real estate property and making money: in the capital of Latvia Riga or in the resort city Jurmala (as well as in other cities of the country) there is an opportunity to rent out your property and secure monthly incomes which usually are higher than interest rates for deposits in banks.

A possibility to earn interests on yield: if a Client has invested in Latvian credit institution a sum of money which is not less than 280 000 EUR (~312’256 USD - 04.05.2015) as a subordinated capital (subordinated loan, deposit or subordinated bonds) with no right to terminate the transaction earlier than in five years.

Ease of communication: Latvia is the leader amongst the European Union and Baltic countries themselves in relation to the number of Russians. Latvia is also an European country where people understand and are able to communicate in English. Despite the fact that Latvian is the official language, both Russian and Latvian are used on the streets of Latvia every day.

Nature: The wonderful Latvian nature. Forests, lakes and, of course, the pearl among Latvian treasures - the Baltic Sea.

* During the validity period of a temporary residence permit a spouse or underage children are allowed to apply for a residential permit.

Due to extensive experience of our team (lawyers and experts in the field of real estate) understanding of the law of the Republic of Latvia and the European Union, as well as due to ongoing dialogue with representatives of the Office of Citizenship and Immigration, DOMENIKA LATVIA protect the interests of its Clients and as fast and safe as possible will get for you residence permit.

If you wish to invest in a profitable property or present your own investment project, please, contact our specialists:

Dainis Kursis
+371 29118879
   Elans Dmitrijevs
   +371 26382287

"It IS important to us to have LONG-TERM relationships, therefore we will use necessary effort and inspiration, so that our Customers not only receive secure services, but also together with our partners are fully satisfied and are motivated to suggest our services to others.” 

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