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Standard Services to Non-residents


  • 1) Processing of residence permits, visas and invitations for foreigners;
  • 2) Crediting of non-residents in Latvia;
  • 3) A full range of legal services including registration of real estate property in the Land Register of the Republic of Latvia; (drawing up agreements, organizing negotiations, processing of documents with authorities).


  • 1) Brokerage services in real estate transactions – apartments (flats), houses, shared houses, commercial facilities, land plots (for sale and for rent). We search for a suitable customer for the property as well as for suitable real estate property for a customer;
  • 2) Sales of exclusive real estate (castles, farms, hotels, villas etc.);
  • 3) Sales of dwelling houses and office buildings;
  • 4) Sales of business organizations (partnership, corporation etc.);
  • 5) Real estate property appraisal;
  • 6) Real estate property insurance;
  • 7) Real estate property management and tenant control (both physical and payment control).


  • 1) Repairs and design, interior and exterior;
  • 2) Professional real estate property cleaning services;
  • 3) Professional furniture moving and assembly services;
  • 4) Free professional consultations in the field of real estate.

* As it is important to DOMENIKA LATVIA that all our Customers are completely satisfied, so that they are ready to create loyal long-term relationships. If our Customers wish DOMENIKA LATVIA can provide non-standard services, for instance, booking airplane tickets and hotel rooms, meeting you in the airport, connecting the Internet or TV cables etc.