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Lending requirements

DOMENIKA LATVIA offers our foreign Clients to get credit for real estate on the most beneficial conditions in the most stable banks in Latvia.

!!! Quite often after fulfilling all formalities installments paid to banks on monthly basis are equal with incomes received every month if you rent out real estate property. As a result a Client gets both a residential permit (instantaneously) and real estate (in the long term) at a relatively low price. Furthermore, if the Client wants to sell the property in the future, it will be possible to earn a hefty sum of money. 

DOMENIKA LATVIA in collaboration with the biggest and most influential banks provides such services to foreigners as:

  • Opening a current accounts;
  • Opening a business accounts;
  • Crediting of non-residents.

Crediting requirements (it is only an example as all these conditions may vary):

Finances up to 70% of the market value of real estate property
Financing term till 15 years;
Financing currency EUR or USD;
Interest rate Bank rate (~4,5%) + flexible rate from 3-month Euribor ~0,2 %;
First installment
from 10%;
Minimum amount of credit
100 000 EUR (~111’520 USD) , maximum - not defined; (exchange rate on 04.05.2015)
Monthly installment

Monthly installment for credit shall not exceed 25% - 35% of Customer's monthly income (or family total income).