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Dear Investors,

it is no secret that real estate industry is not only dynamic and exciting, but also highly profitable and for this very reason DOMENIKA LATVIA focuses increasingly on investment projects.


  • 1) Making offers of projects for development and their presentation to investors and groups of investors both in Latvia and abroad (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other CIS countries);
  • 2) Profitable and yielding properties and businesses for investors.

! If you have a developed project or an idea for a start-up as well as if you would like to develop an existing enterprise DOMENIKA LATVIA is ready to appraise them and may offer necessary FINANCING! Please contact our specialists whose contacts are below.

The knowledgeable and experienced specialists of DOMENIKA LATVIA provide following services to our investors:

  • 1) Sale of apartments (flats), houses, parts of houses, business premises for sale or for rent;
  • 2) Sales of exclusive real estate (palaces, manors, hotels, mansions etc.);
  • 3) Sales of dwelling houses and office buildings;
  • 4) Sales of business organizations (partnership, corporation etc.).

Additional services of DOMENIKA LATVIA:

  • 1) Property document arrangement (ownership reregistration, audit matters, documentation arrangement etc.);    
  • 2) Real estate property appraisal;
  • 3) Real estate property insurance;
  • 4) Real estate property management and tenant control (both physical control and payment control);
  • 5) Renovation and design ,interior and exterior;
  • 6) Property maintenance services.

Not only do we offer investment projects with as large as possible yield margin, but also we ensure full confidentiality in relation to any matter.

If you wish to invest in a profitable property or present your own investment project, please, contact our specialists:

Elans Dimitrijevs
T.+371 26382287
   Dainis Kursis
   T.+371 29118879

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